Xenios USA GHD Bench

GHD Strongman Ergo Bench

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A Fresh product from Xenios USA aimed at the glute ham development for athletes/users. 

The Xenios USA Strongmen GHD 3.0 bench is a must-have for all Boxes, gyms, Strongman, and Powerlifting training centres. You can improve your strength, power, and endurance of all core muscles, lumbar area, glutes and biceps femoris by using hyper-extension exercises. The GHD is an essential bench for all those who need to build a strong and powerful "core", as well as a strong gluteal-femoral chain. This is also a great way to support heavy workloads with the upper body.

The Xenios USA Strongmen GHD 3.0 bench is equipped with adjustable feet made in silicone rubber that protects flooring and levels the bench when needed.

The Xenios USA Strongmen GHD 3.0 bench is also equipped with moving wheels and lifting handles to be placed within the training zone or stored after use. 

The bench is signed with the Xenios USA logo on a steel plate to get a heavy-duty Fit look.

It has heavy duty dimensions, weights, and construction characteristics.

The entire bench has a footprint of 186 cm x 112 cm. 131 cm height and a total weight of 98 Kg.