Black PU X-Grips Round Fixed EZ Barbell

Black PU X-Grips Round Fixed EZ Barbell

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The barbell is the simplest looking piece of equipment in the gym yet moving a bar, especially a bar loaded with weights, through space takes technique and strength.

The PU X-Grips EZ Barbell from Xenios USA boast a 'FRESH' shape from usual straight bars and can target either the biceps or triceps depending on the grip used.

The weights of the Black PU X-GRIPS Round Fixed EZ Barbell range from 10 to 45Kg.


Barbells total length | Weight thickness | Weight diameter:

  • 10Kg - 1046mm | 33mm | 127mm
  • 15Kg - 1068mm | 44mm | 153mm
  • 20Kg - 1086mm | 53mm | 173mm
  • 25Kg - 1116mm | 68mm | 173mm
  • 30Kg - 1114mm | 67mm | 193mm
  • 35Kg - 1142mm | 81mm | 193mm
  • 40Kg - 1166mm | 93mm | 193mm
  • 45Kg - 1190mm | 105mm | 193mm

Handle length: 980mm

Hand diameter

  • Da 10 a 30Kg: 32mm
  • Da 30 a 45Kg: 34mm

We currently do not stock all weights, please contact us if you require different weights at