The Fitness Experts - Inspired Vision

The Fitness Experts - Inspired Vision

What makes TFE stand out is their desire to make movement and exercise, in terms of getting fit and staying fit, both engaging and fun. They focus on their members and acknowledge their time constraints and desire to have a variety of different workouts which enable them to not only stay motivated and energised, but also to achieve results.

The Fitness Experts currently have three different locations, the first was opened about 8 years ago in Basingstoke and for Ian Daniell was to become his local gym long before the inception of FCubed Fitness. Ian quickly forged a working relationship with the team at TFE, in particular Jamie Stone and Jon Williams (The Marlow Club, CEO), and whilst Ian at that time was working for Core Health and Fitness, he was more involved when they opened their second gym at High Wycombe. Here the equipment being supplied was recommended and included flooring, strength and conditioning equipment and associated movement space kit.

The relationship that has been built up over the last few years with TFE has become stronger. And when it was time for TFE to consider a third gym, they were ready to work with Ian, who by now had started Gym Jedi Consultancy which ultimately became FCubed Fitness. Ian worked closely with Tom Edwards of TFE on the new site at Harwell, creating drawings and layouts to maximise the space so that members could come in and train efficiently in an optimum time frame. By this time, the movement kit came from Xenios USA. This is the equipment of choice for FCubed Fitness, and also for TFE, because it is hard wearing, high quality, looks great and is more than fit for purpose. The Harwell site opened in September 2019, is light and airy, and a great place to workout.

The Fitness Experts, Harwell

The location at Harwell has become a showcase site for FCubed Fitness as it shows just how well the Xenios USA equipment looks in a modern gym.

As a result of doing a full fit out at Harwell, it was time for that first gym at Basingstoke to undergo a make over. So again, Ian worked with Tom to revamp the site and replace all of their equipment from Xenios USA. This gym reopened after the fit out in March 2020 and subsequently closed, as did the sites at Harwell and High Wycombe, due to the pandemic. Despite the huge restrictions, the team at TFE quickly started streaming classes and session from their various locations, and because their teams are passionate and enthusiastic, they have continued to offer a wide variety of workouts and stayed in touch and engaged with their members (TFE Digital).

The Fitness Experts, Basingstoke, 3D design

As a result when restrictions eased, they were able to open their doors again to members, and because the gym has been designed with movement space in mind, it was easy to divide up the space to accommodate individual members allowing them to workout safely and freshly in their own areas whilst still being part of a class or session.

The Fitness Experts, Basingstoke

There is no doubt, the layouts at the three locations lend themselves to movement, and combined with shorter, sharper, varied workout sessions, means there is more potential for great footfall and increased membership. TFE are bold with their set up and happy to be different, giving priority to movement space and servicing regular and happy members.

This is the future of fitness - are you ready to join us?