FCubed Fitness have many partners that we have used and have worked alongside for many years.

We have exclusive distribution agreements with Xenios USA and Urban Strength Bar in the UK and Ireland.

We have also partnered with many other brands within the Health & Fitness Industry that we believe in, and have used previously, and that fit in with our Fun, Fit and Fresh ethos.

Plus, to ensure we can provide a full turn key solution we have partnered with nutritional supplement companies, AV suppliers, builders, software companies and clothing/apparel companies associated with many sports.

We have various commercial agreements and some affiliate discounts for all the brands we work with.

"Its All in the Box!"

Xenios USA®

Equipment for the Fittest

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GoJi Air

Air Purification - Cleaning the air you breathe

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Wearable Fitness Trackers

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The perfect recovery partner

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U Perform

Science-led | Performance-driven

Try active collagen


Create the best version of yourself

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One Bag for All Sports

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What it takes to compete - triathlon kit

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Urban Strength Bar

Combining strength, flexibility and control

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