Mill Hill School - Their Gym Journey

Mill Hill School - Their Gym Journey

Mill Hill is a prestigious school in North London, and like a lot of schools, they had a pretty standard gym. There was some movement kit, but most, if not all of it, was static. It wasn’t as used as they would like and they wanted to attract a different younger audience and engage with their members.

In all honesty, they really didn’t know quite where to begin. They lacked direction and needed some new ideas and some solutions which would help them to create a different space for members to workout in.

They were looking again for something different for their gym space. Ian Daniell, FCubed Fitness CEO, has worked with Mill Hill School for a number of years and so the discussions began. A number of meetings took place over several months to work out exactly what it was they were looking for and how FCubed could help them reach their goals.

With Ian’s guidance, it was agreed that movement spaces were really key and as a result it was decided to create a crossfit style movement space and an educational strength and condition space. Both very much aimed at having FUN whilst working out.

Initial drawings were created and modified where necessary, until the final layouts were agreed. Then the next step was to make those designs a reality.

Mill Hill 3D drawings of gym space

The Xenios USA kit arrived mid June and installation took place over 2 days. The FCubed installation team, EPS, under the watchful eye of Ian, built the rigs and racks, unboxed large numbers of dumbbells, kettlebells and bumper plates, laid turf and set up the sled, and finally set out the plyo box, barbells, punch bags, bench presses, and other accessories. The finished gym felt dynamic and exciting, and is now a really FRESH place to workout.

Installation of Xenios USA rig

The team at Mill Hill were absolutely delighted with their new gym and it is proving very popular with their members. They now have regular visitors who enjoy working out in the new movement spaces.

Full gym kit out with rigs, plates and accessories

But don’t just take our word for it, check out the feedback from Chrissy, Mill Hill’s Manager and what she has to say about the whole experience of working with FCubed and the difference we have made to their gym and, more importantly, their members.