Installation Policy

Installation Policy



When placing a Xenios USA order with FCubed Fitness, please be aware that large orders for gym installations and fittings directly from Xenios USA (Duke SpA) who are based in San Marino, Italy have to come through customs into the UK.


An order is placed on receipt of an initial payment with FCubed Fitness.  Once an order is despatched FCubed Fitness are given an estimated date for delivery (if Xenios USA), however, since this is an estimated delivery date we recommend a 3-5 day leeway to allow for delays at customs which we are unable to control.

The freight forwarders will either contact you, the customer, or FCubed Fitness directly with a date for delivery.  Delivery times on the day are variable (generally between 0900 & 1700) so please be patient.


The delivery will be made to the ground floor (unless we have already been notified and a surcharge paid for delivery to a basement, 1st or 2nd floor site) installation room of choice.

It is your responsibility to ensure that access for delivery is sufficient and that you have advised FCubed Fitness prior to delivery of any restrictions relating to access, parking or any other obstacles that may cause an issue.  Also please advise whether there are any staircases or the delivery is not expected to be on the ground floor.

Failure to provide this information may result in a shipment not being delivered or incur additional costs.

Customers must ensure that they check the items at the time of the delivery. FCubed Fitness are not liable for any short orders if it is not noted on the POD/delivery paperwork or tablet.

The carriers will request a signature from the you, and it is your responsibility to make sure they check all boxes for any kind of damages/imperfections before signing the proof of delivery. If there are any issues about this at the point of delivery then you must contact FCubed Fitness on 07723 607625 immediately and before signing for the packages. If you notice any marks or damage on the packaging, you must ensure you make a note of it on the pad that the delivery person will ask to be signed.

Signing the POD/delivery paperwork or tablet as "unchecked" will not be accepted by FCubed Fitness if item(s) are found to be lost or damaged after the delivery.

Cancellation or changes to a delivery date must be notified to FCubed Fitness at least 3 working days before the agreed date. Failure to do so may incur a re-delivery charge of £80 which will need to be paid before the delivery takes place or deducted from any refund actioned.


Rubber chipping or Rubber colour fading, as well as Tatami surface colour fading are considered normal wear by use and, therefore, they are not covered under warranty.

Rubber is a kind of a “live” material so it is always subjected to size adjustments, due to its natural features and due to weather and environment temperature changes. Rolls and tiles may get thinner or thicker and/or shorter or longer during their life. Such Rubber behaviours are not covered by the Warranty.

Carefully read XFLOOR™ installation and maintenance guide in order to learn how to perform a correct installation and maintenance of a floor. Warranty will be void in case of not properly made installations or maintenance. The prolonged exposure of a Rubber Floor to the direct sunlight may void his warranty. The use of aggressive cleaning liquids, such as chlorine, acetone or similar chemical agent, shall void any warranty.

Once flooring has been laid you will be asked to check it and when satisfied sign the Flooring Laid on our installation form.

Any concerns or issues raised thereafter will be managed, however, this may incur additional cost to you which will be advised where necessary.


If an installation is requested, our install team will offer an installation date that is within 5 working days of the delivery.

Before the arrival of the installer you must ensure that the goods are available to them, and where you wish it/them to be installed in. Prior to the installation team arriving you must have confirmed all items on the order are present and correct if they are not onsite when delivery arrives.

All rubbish must be disposed of by you, our installation team will separate the rubbish for you to recycle.

On the day of the installation you will be asked to say that the work has been carried out to your satisfaction. 

Agreed installation time must be adhered to.

You must be clear exactly where in the room you wish to have the equipment installed. Once built, some equipment may be very heavy and very timely to move, in which case an extra cost or further visit may be required

If on the day of installation the engineers are unable to complete the job due to items not being pre-delivered, items not being in the room of the installation, access restrictions to the property or the that you were not there when they arrive, then an £80 minimum re-attendance charge will apply and will need to be paid before the re-visit takes place or deducted from any refund actioned.

Installation costs have been calculated based on the information provided by you or seen when onsite. Should any problems be encountered that we were not aware of during the installation of your equipment additional charges may apply. Changes to the layout not been communicated may also lead to inability to do install or incur further charges.


If you elect to have a third party install your kit then you are responsible for the correct assembly of our equipment. 

If there is any issue with the kit and it has not been assembled correctly, you are liable for any costs incurred to make good any faulty installs.


The below applies only to a delivery/service/installation being carried out directly by FCubed Fitness.

Third party installers and couriers will have their own processes and procedures which they should inform you of.

Prior to the planned delivery or installation visit should any member of your household who demonstrates or comes into contact with an individual that demonstrates they have symptoms of COVID-19 or tests positive for COVID-19, you must contact us immediately at sales@fcubedfitness.com and in the subject line enter your order number and COVID-19 ALERT.

In order to reduce the risks to a your household, our team, their families and other customers during our visit we ask that everyone within a your property maintain a safe distance (at least 2 metres), whilst the delivery team or installer are present at the property.

Common sense is the key factor in keeping our team and others safe – no risks will be taken to jeopardise this.

Due to varying restrictions in different parts of the United Kingdom to combat the COVID-19 virus and the possibility that some areas of the country may have to re-impose some lockdown measures the installation service may have to contact you to tell you that this service is not available in their area or postpone the appointment at the last minute. We will always do our best to work with you and within the measures imposed by local and national authorities but our first priority will always be to the health and safety of you and our teams