ROX Pro - ROX in the Box

We at FCubed Fitness are delighted to bring ROX Pro to the UK fitness market. These light, sound and vibration ROX are fantastic - are FUN to use, fab for SAQ FITness and a really FRESH approach to the whole movement principal that we follow.

As you can see the ROX product fulfil our FUN, FIT, FRESH approach to the industry.

ROX are designed to work and develop your cognitive-motor skills and boost engagement across all ages, abilities and scenarios. They use light, sound and vibration with a fantastic App available for Android and Apple to enhance your interaction.

These are a really FRESH way to boost engagement, increase performance and take the guesswork out of your fitness progressions. The App also captures all your data so FUN becomes FIT.  We've tried them ourselves, and some elite athlete friends and family, and we love 'em!  That's why we have engaged with ROX Pro and why we are selling them. We want you to discover them, so we are offering them to the market at a great price for 3 ROX in a BOX at £250.00 (while current stocks last). For more information just BUY THEM 😉

Finally ROX are literally #itsALLintheBOX.