Pulseroll - The Edge of Vibration Tech

We love to link with products that we use and believe in, and we are really excited with the FRESH arrival of a range of Pulseroll products.  Pulseroll are a UK leader in the creation of next generation vibrating training and recovery equipment.

Pulseroll Foam Roller


If you have already been using a foam roller, you will know the benefits that come with rolling as a way of massaging and recovering injured muscle. With a Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller the effects are taken to another level.  In fact, any of the excellent products from Pulseroll will improve your recovery and in a scientific study, the various vibrating products have shown a proven increase in training recovery and circulation by 22% and improved ROM (range of movement) by 14%!

Massage gun

By the addition of vibration technology, and a choice of different intensities, whether you are using the foam roller, the peanut or gun, you can be confident that the vibration effect will help muscles recover and improve performance.  Pulseroll products are used widely by professional athletes and approved by physios.

We aim to provide the very best equipment FIT for purpose, and believe Pulseroll are leading the way with their innovative and functional products.  Their latest addition to the Pulseroll family, is the Mini Massage Gun, which is highly compact, very neat, and very effective - you can buy it now from FCubed Fitness.

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