Nutrition and Gut Health

At FCubed Fitness we want to offer an #allinthebox provision for those in the fitness and health sector. Whether it was building a complete movement space with all the associated strength, cardio and body weight equipment, to the all important recovery and nutrition.  

The last two items are often over looked, and certainly when it comes to nutrition this can easily be left out of the equation in a bid for fitness.  However, nutrition is incredibly important for fitness because when you feed the body well, you get more out of it and you recover better.

By combining fitness and good nutrition, you are well on the way to achieving much better health and wellness.  And you can support your body further by including supplements into your diet.

Not everyone believes you should take supplements, and for a time, we would have agreed, but unless you are fortunate to be able to source good organically grown produce which is as fresh as possible, then the chances are that you don't actually get all the nutrients and minerals your body requires.  Also take into account that our Western diet includes a huge amount of processed food which is laced with all sorts of additional ingredients which are not always gut friendly, you can quickly see why taking some supplements can be beneficial.

Then you need to decide whether the supplements you do buy, do actually work? So many have little or no scientific research or testing, and a recent Which? report found that there are over the counter supplements that don't actually contain what they say!

So why do we offer supplements - well there are a couple of reasons

1.  We at FCubed Fitness take them ourselves
2.  They work - pure and simple

And there is a third, which is the fact that these supplements, which come from a company called Synergy Worldwide, are scientifically formulated, thoroughly researched, tested many, many times for purity and are produced by ethically sourced ingredients from sustainable vendors who have had to pass strict audits.  Plus Synergy employ medical professionals who maintain active practices, publish ground-breaking discoveries, and develop cutting-edge, innovative products.

Going back to the fact that we take these supplements ourselves, means that we know the effects.  Those on offer through FCubed Fitness are specifically related to fitness and will help with performance (e9 energy drink), recovery (Fl-3X) and circulation (ProArgi+).  Each of these supplements are completely safe to take in sport and are displayed on the Cologne List®  which is an initiative from the sports sector that lists dietary supplements (DS) and sports nutrition with minimized doping risk. It offers athletes protection and orientation in a non-transparent market with thousands of non-controlled products.

These supplements however go beyond that as they can help as part of supporting your gut health which in turn supports your overall health.  For Helen Daniell in particular, this is an area that she is particularly interested in, and is an advocate of the 21 Day Kickstart Plan which helps to reset your gut health - your microbiome - and start you on a journey towards elite health.  With her help and guidance you could be feeling more energized, sleeping better, recovering faster, have few aches and pains and be more focused and positive. If you are interested in the power of the 21 Day Kickstart plan then please do reach out for a completely free, no obligation conversation.

Gut health and the microbiome are a really hot topic at the moment, and as a result of recent scienctific studies, we are becoming increasingly aware that by balancing and feeding your microbiome which is an amazing ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, viruses and microbios, it is possible to improve not only physical health, but also mental wellness (did you know that 95% of serotonin is created in the gut providing it is being fed correctly?), hormone levels, emotions and so much more.

Once you have discovered for yourself the benefits of these supplements which are beneficial to your body, you can then begin to encourage and educate your members, customers and clients to help them achieve elite health.  You can find out more about this opportunity in our presentation coming up on June 3 at 1.30pm - free webinar for those in the health and fitness sector.

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