It is a strength bar....

At first view you might be wondering what the Urban Strength Bar is all about. How can this possibly be used in workouts and surely the exercises will be relatively easy to perform... To be honest, we had to be open minded about the effectiveness of this light weight bar but after some initial training, it quickly become obvious that this FUN piece of equipment gives a completely FRESH approach to strength training and improving flexibility, and definitely triggers muscles throughout the body. The closest likeness is to suspension training on a bar! So amazing.

The Urban Strength Bar may be lightweight, but it is super strong! It is resistant to corrosion, has non conductive properties, it is durable and sustainable, and above all it is inexpensive and a practical workout tool (and super easy to store). You can learn how to effectively use the bar through access to online videos which are available with every bar purchased.

Targeting your whole body, a workout with the Urban Strength Bar will massively improve your balance and flexibility, and strength your core and build a more toned body shape. And our staff have all used the bar and all agree that there is definitely more to it than you think.  What have you got to lose?

A truly FIT tool to add to your exercise workouts. Order one now online and get a discount using Jedi15 discount code!