• Health and Wellness Platform

    We are delighted to partner with thriveologie™, a health and wellness company who are able to offer a curated health and wellbeing content to suppo...
  • Nutrition and Gut Health

    At FCubed Fitness we want to offer an #allinthebox provision for those in the fitness and health sector.  From designing and kitting out your movement space to providing solutions for recovery and nutrition.
  • What makes a good gym layout?

    Our business approach and our desire to provide a turn key solution to clients for whatever their movement space requirement might be is very much our aim, and doing it all with a FUNFITFRESH attitude.  Recently we were asked about what should you be considering for a new gym space, and this is our suggest and advice.
  • It is a strength bar....

    At first view you might be wondering what the Urban Strength Bar is all about. How can this possibly be used in workouts and surely the exercises will be relatively easy to perform...but having used the bar ourselves you can be assured that you will definitely get a workout and will develop strength and flexibility.
  • Pulseroll - The Edge of Vibration Tech

    We aim to provide the very best equipment FIT for purpose, and believe Pulseroll are leading the way with their innovative and functional products.  Their latest addition to the Pulseroll family, is the Mini Massage Gun, which is highly compact, very neat, and very effective - you can BUY IT NOW from FCubed Fitness.  We are excited about the addition of Pulseroll to our range, and we are confident you will find a great addition to both your recovery from workout as well as prepping for a workout!
  • ROX Pro - ROX in the Box

    ROX Pro - these are a really FRESH way to boost engagement, increase performance and take the guesswork out of your fitness progressions

    From concept to launch in just a few weeks.  We have gone from being a supplier for Xenios USA to becoming the UK's exclusive distributor for the brand in a whirlwind journey which has included finding a marketing team, photographers, videographers, social media specialists, equipment installers, shippers as well as building our ecommerce platform.  Fast and furious? Maybe... Fun, Fit and Fresh - definitely.